Young people today, live in a society that seems to value appearance above all else.

This is fed by a celebrity and fame obsessed culture with highly idealised role models. Media constantly feeds a hungry public with digitally altered and manipulated images, in magazines and video clips. No wonder our teens have such high expectations in relation to their body images.

Yoga and Body Esteem

Body esteem is the thoughts and feelings a person has about their appearance, shape and size. Body esteem is not static, it changes and can be impacted by life experiences such as puberty, pregnancy, illness and injury. It is a complex life issue which affects teens today more than ever before.

In today’s society we are so caught up in identifying who we are with what we look like.

We tend to stop at the skin and our lives become about external validation, through self image, striving and achieving.

This can lead to unhealthy body comparison, rigid diets, over-exercise and other unhealthy obsessions.  We are told not to eat sugar, fat or carbohydrates but are not educated to listen and honour our own intuition with regards to the foods we put into our bodies.

Yoga re-connects us to our bodies and tunes us into bodily sensation. This allows us to observe and acknowledge our body diversity and uniqueness.

With increased self-awareness and self acceptance we feel more natural and comfortable within our own skin – exactly as we are.

Listening to and trusting our bodies feels empowering, creating a sense of inner worth that doesn’t hinge solely on our physical appearance.

seedyoga-warriorYoga allows us to acknowledge our body diversity and uniqueness as we learn to live our lives from the inside out  – we also learn that other people’s opinions do not need to define us .

Yoga encourages us to “be present” and not be consumed by thoughts of “more” or “different”.

Yoga is the most holistic tool for building positive body and mental esteem in young adults supporting them to reach their full potential in every way.

From surviving to thriving, self- criticism to self-respect, external validation to internal validation, depression to expression,  external beauty to intrinsic beauty  and doing to Being.

Yoga it will set you up for life !!!!

Tanya Cameron

Tanya Cameron

Tanya Cameron is the founder of Seed Yoga. She is passionate about mentoring and educating women to embrace positive body image and self-care. She, herself, is a living example of the power of yoga to transform lives – having overcome anorexia nervosa (as a teen) and addiction and depression as an adult. She draws from her own life experience to empower women with tools for living deeply fulfilling and meaningful lives. You can find out more about Tanya’s Story here.

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