Free to Be Me

15th-16th December (10-12yrs)

19th-20th December (13-15yrs)

Empowering school holiday program includes yoga, relaxation & sisterhood.

Practical techniques and strategies for building inner resilience for everyday life.

Topics include: Positive body image, Dealing with peer pressure, Managing negative self talk, Social media and the importance of having supportive and positive friendships in our lives.

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Flow & Glow Yoga for Teens (12yrs +)

Wednesdays 4:30pm – 5:30pm

Fun & energising flow class tailored to teenagers.

Asana sequences to groovy tunes

Breathing, guided visualisation & relaxation techniques.

Classes encourage healthy body awareness, self-care and good mental health habits.

$120 per term, bookings essential.

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Get out of Your Head and Into Your Body!

An immersive, 6-week course to help guide you from a life of “surviving” to a life of “thriving”. Discover how the simple practices of yoga, breathing and mindfulness can be applied to your daily life – to nourish and nurture you from the inside out.

Discover simple techniques to help you navigate the ups and downs of everyday life and evolve into the fullness of your being – outside of being a mum.

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Creative Yoga for Girls

Tuesdays 3:30pm – 4:30pm

Fun and engaging

Incorporates dance, yoga games, story-telling, breathing exercises & relaxation techniques.

Classes encourage free expression, social interaction with other girls & healthy body awareness.

$120 per term. Bookings essential.

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