Nearing my due date, the reality of birthing our baby became very overwhelming. I thoroughly enjoyed my pregnancy but the closer the birth came, the more my angst grew. After a car accident, I realised I was anxious about potentially losing my baby, mores than the actual act of birthing. It was about then I contacted Tanya. From the get go Tanya oozed love and warmth. Our one on one sessions together were profound and most definitely what I needed. During the birth, I was able to draw from my meditation sessions with Tanya. Tanya not only prepared my mind for birth, she also empowered me to believe in the process of “what is” and “what will be”. On June 28th I birthed a perfectly healthy boy. At 4.18 kg, Saxon arrived without any intervention. Thank you to Tanya for being a part of my birthing experience – without our time spent, my experience may have been quite different.

“My daughter absolutely LOVES her weekly sessions with Tanya. Tanya supports the girls’ natural instinct to support each other, and they emerge from each class relaxed and happy and connected with each other. Through the sessions, my daughter has discovered that other girls are just like her, and she is not the only one who struggles sometimes. It has led to new connections, and to a new maturity, as she realises she can ‘be there’ for her classmates, and try new things, and be vulnerable…and do yoga :)”


Flow & Glow for Teens Mum

During Tanya’s classes, I experienced fun,love and joy

After Tanya’s classes, I feel like I’ve accomplished some thing I’ve always wanted to do and it feels great

I would recommend Tanya’s classes to anyone who wants to learn new things, meet new friends and have lots of fun

Tuesday is my absolute favourite day because I know that after school I will go to yoga

During Tanya’s classes I learn lots of new stretches and lots of fun activities




Creative Girls Yoga Attendee

Tanya’s meditation classes involve one beautiful calm hour of a gentle journey within. The classes provide a peaceful anchor in our busy world and I highly recommend them as one of the most important gifts one can give to oneself.




Meditation Class Attendee

“I have been attending Seed Yoga’s Restorative Class on a Wednesday for about 18 months. Tanya’s passion and knowledge of the true fundamentals of yoga is inspiring. Each week Tanya gives us a new sequence of yoga moves, no class is ever the same. I thoroughly enjoy her ability to take you on a journey inwards. I get so much out of the subtlety of the movements and breathwork. The class is about being present, being in touch with your body and it’s energy and letting go. I love the use of props so that you don’t do any moves that your body is not ready to do. I look forward to my class every Wednesday, and would recommend it to anyone.”


Restorative Yoga Attendee