Why Mothers Need Yoga in their Lives

I had postnatal depression 10 years ago. My daughter was 4 months old as I begrudgingly went back to my corporate job. Years of putting myself last, combined with unhealthy lifestyle habits lead to a break down, when the sleepless nights and brand new expectations of...

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Teens and Social Media

I wonder what it feels like to be a teenager in today’s world? It’s a question I’ve had to consider a lot lately, as my own journey now leads me to try and make a difference in lives of young people, and as my eldest child is about to enter the teens. What I can say...

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Boredom and Freedom are Only a Breath Apart

I remember thinking all this talk about aliveness and freshness was pretty dull when I first heard about it. I remember quietly distrusting this talk of freedom through the breath, thinking “yes, I’d like to feel free etc etc, but what I really want is to be thin and...

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Yoga and Body Esteem

Young people today, live in a society that seems to value appearance above all else. This is fed by a celebrity and fame obsessed culture with highly idealised role models. Media constantly feeds a hungry public with digitally altered and manipulated images, in...

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Mindfulness – Why It Matters!

Why Mindfulness? Mindfulness is quite simply the art of ‘deliberately paying attention’ to our experience without judgment. It means waking up out of autopilot and connecting deeply with ourselves, our families and our lives. Cultivating a regular mindfulness practice...

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