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Free to be Me (deposit)


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This empowering school holiday program includes yoga, relaxation, sisterhood and ceremony as we get to know ourselves from the inside out.

Free to be Me provides young girls with a “toolbox“ of practical techniques and strategies for building inner resilience for everyday life.

This course teaches them to identify and value their own unique strengths, stop the comparison trap and learn how to motivate and set goals for themselves.

Tanya Cameron

Tanya Cameron

Tanya Cameron is the founder of Seed Yoga. She is passionate about mentoring and educating women to embrace positive body image and self-care. She, herself, is a living example of the power of yoga to transform lives – having overcome anorexia nervosa (as a teen) and addiction and depression as an adult. She draws from her own life experience to empower women with tools for living deeply fulfilling and meaningful lives. You can find out more about Tanya’s Story here.

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