What does a private session look like?

Together we will architect your own personal practice to suit your individual needs.

Session includes:

  • Guided visualisation
  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Yoga stretches to suit your body
  • Relaxation
  • Some coaching to help guide you in the right direction.

Private sessions can be at your place or my house in Pullenvale.

I would love to support you. Please feel free to phone me on 0412231070 or use the contact form if you have further questions.

Private Session Query

8Purchase a single session for $80 or save when you purchase three for $200.

Nearing my due date, the reality of birthing our baby became very overwhelming. I thoroughly enjoyed my pregnancy but the closer the birth came, the more my angst grew. After a car accident, I realised I was anxious about potentially losing my baby, mores than the actual act of birthing. It was about then I contacted Tanya. From the get go Tanya oozed love and warmth. Our one on one sessions together were profound and most definitely what I needed. During the birth, I was able to draw from my meditation sessions with Tanya. Tanya not only prepared my mind for birth, she also empowered me to believe in the process of “what is” and “what will be”. On June 28th I birthed a perfectly healthy boy. At 4.18 kg, Saxon arrived without any intervention. Thank you to Tanya for being a part of my birthing experience – without our time spent, my experience may have been quite different.