My biggest, juiciest thank you is to the kindest, funniest, gentlest man on this Earth – my hubby Pete – who has worked so incredibly hard to support me both financially and emotionally on my journey.

Heartfelt gratitude to Kathryn and Haydie who introduced me to the art of yoga and have encouraged my own yogic expression.

To Celia , who saw the light in me and helped me fan it.

To Laura and Ewen who remind me every day of what is important.

To my brave sisters, Stacey and Gabby – you have so much courage.

To Aunty Sue -my wise and funny god-mother – for your care and friendship

Deep gratitude to my funny, salt-of-the-earth, sweet, loving, inspirational girlfriends – I hope you know who you are – you make life so great.

To my students for showing up not only for my classes but for themselves – and their parents – for guiding their children towards a positive future.

And last but not least – to my Mum and My Dad – for giving me the precious gift of life .


This business was created from the heart.

I could not have done it without the beautiful people in my life…Thank you.