Friends of Seed Yoga

People and business' that have enhanced my life and whom I am affiliated with absolute love, respect and recommendation.

Sarah Cox

Kinesiologiest and Energetic Healer at Ignite Kinesiology

Sarah is an intuitive medicine woman and light worker on this planet. I met her in a sacred woman’s circle and immediately felt safe and comfortable in her presence. She is my personal kinesiologist and I wholeheartedly trust and respect her guidance and wisdom.

Kate Hubert

Yoga and mindfulness teacher, Mindfulness Reflection

Kate is an incredible guide who lives and leads with her heart. A fellow yogini, mindfulness coach and someone I enjoy having inspiring D & M’S with. She is passionate about teaching mindfulness and has a strong interest in mindful stress management, holistic therapies and self-empowerment.

Olga Dossa

Yoga, Ayurveda, Essential Oils and Ancient Feminine Wisdom

Olga is on a mission to empower women to live in line with their authentic selves and feminine rhythms. She knows from her own experience as a mother, that when mothers are happy, they can model a healthy way of living to their own children.

Sarah Ball

Founder of Body Love Yoga Australia

Sarah is the founder of Body Love Yoga Australia,a yoga-based approach to healing our relationship with body image so we can thrive. She is also an eating and body image counsellor, social activist, facilitator of Yoga for Anxiety and Depression, and lover of raspberries.

Jenna Ward

Embodiment + Energy Medicine Mentor, motivational speaker, blogger + entrepreneur
Jenna teaches women how to awaken their magnetic + sensual souls, embodying their deep potential to create authentic businesses + rich relationships that turn them on.

Kelly Ryan Creative

Web Copy and Design for Small Business with BIG Heart

Kelly is photographer and web designer as well as a yoga and meditation teacher based in the Hunter Valley. She specialises in yoga photography and web solutions for people who run small business with Big Heart. She created this very website with love.

Sacred Alchemy

Kundalini Yoga. Mantra. High Vibe Gemstone Jewellery and Crystals

Mantras + Miracles by Jessica Sevapreet creates sacred alchemy using the mystical, energetic and healing properties of stones and crystals, Kundalini Yoga and mantra.

Lemon Canary

Boutique Vintage Eco Soy Candles by Jasmin

Kick Ass Candle Maker, Aromatherapy Expert, Beauty Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Crystal Maniac, Writer, Free Spirit, Mum, Lover, Creator, Believer in creating change for a more loving planet.

Zona Pellucida

Intuitive Reader and Energy Healer

Dana offers fully personalized intuitive readings and energy healing sessions, both of which can help you to gain clarity, release old blockages and outdated beliefs, and reconnect with the core of Who You Are.

Nicole Green

Finance & Mortgage Adviser Unique Finance & Property Solutions

Nicole is a qualified Finance & Mortgage Adviser, with a Masters in Applied Finance & Investment and over 20 years experience in finance and business. She loves helping clients save money and organise the best loan for their home, investments and business, including cars and equipment.

Raw 4 Paws

Canine Nutrition along the lines of Nature

My husband and I have been running this frozen raw dog food business from our home for the past 3 and half years. We are both dog lovers and it was a “no-brainer” when the owners asked us to distribute the food on their behalf. We now have about 40 customers that we home deliver to on a weekly basis.

Peter Cameron

Acreage Property Maintenance

My husband worked for the same IT company for 25 years and 3 years ago decided to throw in the towel for a simpler life working on the land. He started his own business and now has a team of 1 full time and 8 part time staff. His main focus is offering annual maintenance plans for the large acreage properties that surround us.

Flower Healing by Sami

Australian Bush Flower Essence Consultant
Sami is a natural born healer, intuitive and medicine woman, She is a very good friend of mine and is the best at what she does. I adore her.

Genevieve St-Cyr

Yoga Teacher and Nutritionist

Gen is a fellow yogini and holistic health practitioner who is as passionate about wholistic health and well-being as me. I started seeing Gen about 2 years ago after I was diagnosed with a peptic ulcer. I was searching for an alternative path back to sustainable gut health and equilibrium – not just a quick fix. The ulcer was a symptom not a cause. Gen has gently helped guide me back to a place of gut health and educated me along the way as to why our gut health is so important to our over-all wellbeing both mentally, emotionally and physically. She is a living example of a healthy, radiant human being and I would highly recommend her.

The Curious Caravan

Pop up cafe weekday mornings at the Pullenvale Hall 7-11am
Cool chic, best organic coffee and home-made gluten free sweet treats in this neck of the woods Naja also caters for private functions.