Planting the Seeds
for a Positive


Yoga classes and workshops for teen girls and women.

Providing a space where movement and stillness are woven together to encourage self awareness and support natural expression.

Seed Yoga Classes

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Yoga for Kids

Valuable tools for the little people.

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Seed Yoga Classes and Workshops are designed to nurture your relationship with your body.

Free to Be Me

School holiday program for young girls.

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A 6-week course for busy Mums.

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Our small classes mean you will always get the personalised care you need from your teacher to feel supported in your yoga journey.

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About Tanya

Tanya Cameron is the founder of Seed Yoga. She is passionate about mentoring and educating women to embrace positive body image and self-care. She, herself, is a living example of the power of yoga to transform lives – having overcome anorexia nervosa (as a teen) and addiction and depression as an adult. She draws from her own life experience to empower women with tools for living deeply fulfilling and meaningful lives. You can find out more about Tanya’s Story here.